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 Interested bidders are encourged to e-mail a bid over the stated minimum that reflects the amount they are willing to pay for the fly or art piece.

Each fly is photographed by me in an attempt to show all sides of the fly. Photos are cropped to size and otherwise un-touched.

Full descriptions of each fly will accompany the photographs and when possible some steps in the tying process will be shown.

Additional questions about a fly or the description of the fly can be e-mailed.

No bids under the minimum bid will be considered.

All bidders are kept confidential and only bid increases are shown.

Each fly or art piece will have an absolute end date and time. The date and time is posted with each fly. The end time will be pacific standard time and will be set by my clock.

Bidders will be notified of the winning bid at the end of the auction. Bidders may e-mail as many bids as they like on a fly during the auction. The winning bid will be decided by the amount, time and date their e-mail displays.

Payment arrangements may be made by e-mail and confirmed by e-mail at anytime before the end of the auction.

All payments (unless arrangements have been made) must be recieved within 7 days of the auction ending.

Acceptable payment methods are:

PayPal-check or money order

Checks may be subject to bank holds which may delay shipment of the fly.

Shipping on flies will be charged extra as will insurance if requested. Most flies will be shipped Priority Mail.

All e-mails will be forwarded to a third party (Bob Mead) who will handle any disputes.

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